Tra Que farming and sunset cruise

Duration: | Destinations: Hoi An
Hoi An is a village, surrounded by many smaller villages.Each village is integral to providing the food and materials required for everyday life.People are smiling and working in the fields ...
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Tour Code: RT-035
Hoi An is a village, surrounded by many smaller villages. Each village is integral to providing the food and materials required for everyday life. People are smiling and working in the fields and rivers and the sounds of children laughing fill the air with life as they ride their bicycles along the pathways. With a backdrop of stunning scenery and lovely food, our half day tour provides a snapshot of village life and the lives of everyday people in Hoi An.

14.00  Your jeep and guide will greet you at your hotel before we board our jeep to begin our journey. We take a short ride through the countryside on our way to Tra Que village.

14.15  We arrive at Tra Que. The village is famous for its fresh local herbs and vegetables, and is named after the sweet smelling herb that is used to flavor many local Hoi An dishes. The farmers in the village use no fertilizers in their soil, using instead, an algae found only in a lagoon adjacent to the village. It produces abundant and delicious herbs and vegetables. Along with many others, the herbs are used to flavor Ban Xeo, Cao Lau and My Quang, all local dishes. Local people insist on these herbs for the very best quality dish. Your local village hosts will provide you with a cooking demonstration and show you some of the local specialties including how to make rice paper, ban xeo and tam huu local spring roll.

15.00  Before we set off on our tour of the village, it’s time to relax and enjoy a traditional foot massage in the fragrant garden.

15.30  Your village hosts will take you on a tour of the village. Enjoy the nurseries and herb gardens abundant with bird’s eye chilli, lemongrass, basil, coriander and spring onions that are all thriving in the rich soil. Learn about the unique algae and its nourishing impacts on the soil. Jump right in and see how the plots are planted, tended and watered with the guidance of local family farmers.

15.45  It’s time to bid our local hosts farewell as we get back in our jeep and make our way through the countryside bound for a local dock where your Chic boat is awaiting you. Our Chic boat is a traditional Vietnamese fishing vessel that has been refurbished the highest standards, while maintaining its traditional feel.

16.00  You board your boat just as the sun begins to set for the day. The boat will gently chug up the Thu Bon River to a local fishing village. You can enjoy the river culture, bird life and local farming and the other daily activities of the local people. The people in the fishing village are busy preparing for the evening’s fishing trip in the ocean and the river is a hive of activity as the boats are stocked and primed. On the boat, it’s time to relax and enjoy a delicious selection of finger food and drinks on board. Your freshly prepared finger foods consist of sautéed shrimp with salt, calamari skewers, pork skewers and are accompanied by smoothies, juices or local beer. The sun setting in the sky is the perfect accompaniment to the food and it casts an incredible orange glow over the, mountain ranges, rice paddies and waterways. It is a stunning way to finish your excursion on the beautiful Thu Bon River.

17.45  We return to the dock in Hoi An amidst the setting sun. The river and surrounding countryside is bathed in orange and provides stunning photo opportunities.

18.00  We disembark at the dock and bid our hosts farewell and your jeep will return you to your hotel and your tour concludes.
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