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Life is simple in Hoi An. Build a house,growyour foodandcatchyour fish. Join us and discover this simplicity yourself on our one day tour of Hoi An by jeep. ...
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Life is simple in Hoi An.   Build a house,  grow  your food  and  catch  your fish. Join us and discover this simplicity yourself on our one day tour of Hoi An by jeep.


08.30 Your jeep and guide will meet you at your hotel and you will begin your day cruising through the country lanes and villages in Hoi An. Relax, feel the wind in your hair, soak up the scenery as the local people tend  their fields and livestock.

09.00 After crossing the Cua Dai bridge with its spectacualr views of Hoi An the river system, the mountains and Cham islands, we arrive at  the fishing village which is alive with activity as the market  traders  sell their evenings catch.  We have an opportunity to explore the village and take photos  before  visiting a house  where  local fish sauce is made.  Vietnam is famous for its fish sauce and is used in almost every meal. We learn how this delicious and unique condiment is made.  We sit to enjoy a local coffee before come back to Hoi An.

10.30 After  crossing the river again we  continue   our  journey.  We  explore  an amazing  village, home  to 7 hectares  of water  coconut  palm. These palms that  grow in the waterways  are  unique  and  have  a myriad of uses  in Hoi An: from  food  right through to housing construction!

11.00 The waterways are also home to the basket boats used by local fishermen. We   learn about  the traditional  art of making basket  boats  before  boarding  these  strange  and unique vessels to continue  our journey. In our boat, we take a journey of discovery, meeting the local people  who  make  the  fishing nets  that  the  fishermen  use,  a trade  that  has been  handed down through the centuries.

12.00 After our basket  boat  trip we make our way by jeep to the  famous  village of Tra Que.

12.15 We arrive at Tra Que. The village is famous for its fresh local herbs and vegetables, and is named  after the sweet  smelling herb that  is used to flavor many local Hoi An dishes. The famers in the village use no fertilizers in their soil, using instead,  an algae found only in a lagoon  adjacent  to the village. It produces  abundant and delicious herbs and vegetables. Along with many others,  the herbs are used to flavor Banh Xeo, Cao Lau and My Quang,  all local dishes.  Local people insist on these  herbs for the very best quality dish.

Your local village hosts will provide you with a cooking demonstration and show you some of the local specialties including how to make rice paper,  banh xeo and tam huu local spring roll. Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and try your hand  at preparing  your own Hoi An specialty lunch including starter,  main course and dessert.  Sit back and enjoy your culinary creations  at the family table overlooking the locals tending  their arable land.

13.30 Before we set off on our tour of the village, it’s time to relax and enjoy a traditional foot massage  in the fragrant  garden.

14.00 Your village hosts  will take  you on a tour  of the  village. Enjoy the  nurseries  and herb gardens  abundant with bird’s eye chilli, lemongrass,  basil, coriander  and spring onions that  are all thriving in the rich soil. Learn about  the unique  algae and its nourishing impacts on the soil. Jump right in and see how the plots are planted,  tended and watered with the guidance  of local family farmers.

14.30 We continue  our journey in the countryside,  making our way to a very old pagoda. The pagoda is a place for quiet reflection,  listening to your heart,  forgetting your troubles and enjoying the harmonious environment of the monastery.

15.00 After our  visit to  the  pagoda, we  make  our  way to  the  village of Thanh  Ha. In the 16th  and 17th  the village thrived, providing earthen wear to many provinces in central Vietnam.   The buildings located  in the  Old Town are constructed by bricks, tiles and  floor slabs made  by the  village of Thanh Ha.  As the  buildings are restored,  the  village is called upon  to provide the earthen wear for the Old Town, as it is unique.  We stop at the village and learn about  its history and the current pottery made in the village.

16.00 After our visit to the village your jeep will return  you to your hotel and your tour will conclude.
Size of Group 1 pax 2 pax
Cost/pax (VND) 2,554,800 1,822,800

Inclusive of: Jeep, English speaking staff escort, lunch and service at Tra Que, coracle boat, coffee, entrance fee.
Exclusive of: Travel insurance, tip & personal expense, VAT tax.


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